Everyone who has a tips blog or website needs to know what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is and how best to achieve a higher page ranking on search engines like Google or Bing. It's an established fact that the higher the page ranking a blog or website has, the more audience they're likely to get from people conducting web searches.

There are two schools of thought on how best to achieve the best SEO ranking: White Hat (which is more ethical and plays by the rules set by the search engines) and Black Hat SEO tactics. Here, we'll discuss the top five White Hat Search Engine Optimization tactics:

Be Sure to Get Quality Content

Any White Hat SEO tips blog will have this as one of the top ways to achieve a higher page ranking. The content should be high quality but also be as unique as possible.

After all, you want the person conducting a web search to be hooked, and the search engine will bring up the most suitable content for the user's purposes. Generic, sparse paragraphs just aren't going to do the job.

Find Suitable Keywords

People generally search using keywords and search engines record the keywords used in websites in order to determine how appropriate each website is to that particular search.

This is where knowing the desired audience and what keywords they might use to search for your website or line of work comes in handy. It's useful to be specific, particularly when the words can be used to target your desired audience. Think in terms of headers, subtitles, and Meta descriptions.

Keep in mind that some general keywords can work too. Not everyone will come up with something as specific as you might imagine and you don't want to risk losing that potential audience as well. Vary your keyword use between subtitles, sentences, headers, and sub-headers. Make use of Google's AdWords Keyword Planner to see what your users end up searching for.

Pepper it throughout your content to be most effective and vary the way you phrase the keyword. For example, try cake decorating, icing decorating, decorating technique for cakes, baking, occasion cakes, cake d├ęcor etc. for a website on cake decorating.

Tips Blogs Suggest Creating Quality Inbound Links

Most useful advice blogs will advocate for making sure any website has quality inbound links because search engines view those links as votes of confidence that the website is recommended. That in turn will help a website gain a higher page ranking.

The links have to be coming from relevant sources however. A link from a cake decorating blog to a baking website would probably be seen as relevant and thus count as a 'vote' of confidence.

A link from a sparse website about automobile detailing to a blog about ice cream would not be viewed quite as legitimately as the earlier example. In short, do not create links for the sake of links.

Be Sure to Mix It Up

Variety is the spice of life and websites are no different. Beyond SEO, audiences today demand a variety of content from blogs to rich description, tutorials, video, photos, and more. Being on the web today means a multimedia experience.

Many tips blogs will recommend a varied content schedule because it shows a commitment to legitimacy that search engines will respond to when considering page rankings.

Even something as obvious as making sure your website is accessible across all platforms such as tablets, mobile phones, and computers of various operating systems.

One way to make your content more varied is to include a guest blogging schedule. The different tones and writing styles will make your blog or website seem more organic and legitimate. Conversely, it's also important to become a guest blogger on websites and blogs outside of your own.

Your byline can link back to where you want visitors to go and by blogging in a similar area (like writing on a baking blog if you're a cake decorator) that link will be seen as a quality inbound link. Then the host blog might guest blog for you in return to make it an even exchange that works for both parties.

Create Quality Over Quantity

As many of the earlier tips suggest, the quality of the content and links are vital for any White Hat SEO tactics to succeed. It might seem obvious to encourage as much content as possible in as little time as possible but search engines will take a dim view of that practice.

They would rather see five quality posts recommending your website or blog than 10 bad posts. That means keeping on topic and not just writing for the sake of SEO. The key thing to remember is that when articles are written, be sure to include the relevant keywords.

It really cannot be emphasized enough just how important search engines value quality. Article spinners will not do the trick and is more in the vein of black hat tactics.

Making sure you create original content that does not infringe on anyone else's copyright is what you should always aim for, and obviously those posts should be relevant to the subject matter at hand. Keep different subjects, topics, or areas of professions separate if they do not share any commonalities. Visitors will appreciate it when they do visit your website if they're not bombarded with exactly the opposite of what they want to see.

Any tips blog or useful advice blog will recommend these White Hat SEO tactics. Luckily the tactics are all fairly simple to implement and do not cheat the system in a way that will get your account or website banned from major search engines, as might happen when engaging in black hat SEO tactics.

There are plenty of honest ways for a website, business, or blog to rise in page ranking by employing these search engine optimization tips. Just remember, quality is queen and content is king, so marrying the two makes obvious sense to make sure the kingdom is a success.