The biggest mistake that newbie bloggers make is thinking that hitting "post" means that they're "done" with their blog.

Not by a long shot.

Sure, just about anyone can start a blog; however, you can't be an island if you want to build a long-term business from your blogging efforts. Among the many steps to building a money-making blog is the need for writers to network. You can't possibly hope to build links or rank for competitive keywords without an active blogger outreach campaign.

From guest post exchanging or conducting a round up of experts in your industry, the benefits of blogger outreach are three-fold:

· You can build links sooner rather than later: by encouraging fellow bloggers to link to you now, you don't have to wait as long for your organic SEO efforts to pay off (which may say months or longer for competitive keywords)

· You get your blog in front of more potential readers, which is always a plus

· You can be perceived as a bigger player in your space by getting in front of influencers and getting your brand's name out in the open, perhaps sewing the seeds for future partnerships down the road

Keep in mind that blogger outreach is absolutely crucial if you're looking for "quick" results when it comes to growing your traffic (which is rare in the SEO world). Whether you're hunting for links or a guest posting campaign, use the following five-pronged approach when reaching out to fellow bloggers to grow your brand.

Identify and Diversify

First and foremost, you need to decide who you're going to reach out when it comes time to offer up a guest post or link exchange. Don't only go for the biggest players in your industry: mix it up with small fish in your pond to ensure a larger response rate. Reach out to as many people as possible (think: dozens) via email and keep track of your list via spreadsheet.

Provide Incentives

If you have a following yourself, you can leverage the link-building power of your own site as incentive for a guest post or link exchange . Likewise, you can promise getting their content in front of more eyes. Sweeten the deal by noting that your audience would be interested in their products and content.

Present Yourself as an Influencer

If you want to conduct a successful outreach campaign, you must be confident. Present yourself as an expert and don't bother being timid. In other words, don't worry about wasting anyone's time: treat your outreach efforts as business as usual rather than a game of "spray and pray." Being straightforward will get you more results rather than being wishy-washy or wordy.

Personalize Each and Every Pitch

You can use a template for your outreach efforts, but you need to personalize your pitches beyond your candidate's name in the subject lines of your emails. For example, include mentions to specific blog posts or comments that they've recently made on Twitter in the body of your message to let them know you're actually following what they have to say. While this may seem time consuming, bear in mind that big fish get tons of impersonal pitches all the time: yours will stand out from the crowd if you personalize it.

Don't Be Afraid to Follow Up

Using your spreadsheet, keep track of your responses whether they be "yes," "no," "maybe," or no response. For the latter, prepare a follow-up pitch via email or hit them up via Twitter to let them know you've reached out. If you have any of your contact candidates added on LinkedIn, consider hitting them up there as well.

Blogger outreach is an absolutely crucial component of building a truly successful blog. By taking the time to network and reach out to others in your industry, you may be surprised how a few links can quickly transform your traffic.