SEObook is an all-inclusive online platform offering a vast array of search engine optimization (SEO) services and resources. It's a platform focused on supporting webmasters and businesses to gain significant web visibility organically.

One of the outstanding aspects of SEObook is its wide-ranging SEO training. The site includes over 100 training modules covering an extensive array of topics such as keyword research, link building, and much more. With the resourcefulness of the modules, it's a toolkit any ambitious webmaster or SEO enthusiast would want to delve into.

Moreover, SEObook offers exclusivity through its members-only premises. Apart from exclusive community and forum access where members can connect, engage, and learn from each other, there are members-only videos and tools. These perks elevate the platform's offerings, creating a rich reservoir of resources that justifies membership.

The platform also comes with risk-free orders. Every purchase includes a bonus - the best selling SEO Book. If you are looking to broaden your SEO knowledge or intend to begin from scratch, this added incentive can serve as a comprehensive guide.

One of the cornerstones of SEObook is its array of tools, all designed to iimprove and streamline your SEO operations. The platform takes an upper hand with the SEO Toolbar, its most competitive research tool. This tool is lauded as the number one competitive research tool in the SEO market.

Alongside the SEO Toolbar, SEObook also boasts Rank Checker, a high-utility tool that doubles as the most popular rank checking application on the web. It's designed to help users monitor their website's SEO progress effectively.

Additionally, SEObook does not overlook the important aspect of keyword research. It offers the Coolest Keyword Research Tool, which gives users a superior leverage to explore more keyword options.

And lastly, the SEObook platform goes beyond and offers personal SEO coaching. With just $10 per day, users can access lessons directly from the highly regarded Aaron Wall and the SEOBook team.

Verdict: SEObook presents itself as a one-stop hub for everything SEO, from tools to skill training and coaching. It's a comprehensive platform providing extensive resources that are beneficial to webmasters, businesses and SEO enthusiasts. The site's credibility is unquestionable as it is ribbed by professionals of high-standing such as Professor J. Michael Steele from The Wharton School. SEObook remains a commendable destination for those keen to grow their online visibility.