Ask is an internet search engine that offers search solutions in a question-answer format. Visitors can ask questions, give keywords or enter phrases. It features different result categories including general answers, the question and answer community, images, news, video, theKnow, themes, settings and sign-in options.

About the company

Ask, originally known as Ask Jeeves was founded in 1996, with the idea of answering everyday questions, just as they are asked, through an online platform. It supports normal searches but focuses on a wide range of questions including math, conversational questions and dictionary.

Ask offers binoculars search options where searches using high speed internet can preview search results using peeking options by just hovering the mouse over the page to get a preview of the page contents. This option activates a screen shot pop-up page that lets users browse through various pages quickly.

The AskEraser feature allows users opt out from tracking search queries, cookie values and IPs. Browsers using other search engines can view results from the Ask engine by installing an ASK toolbar. The Q & A community is a significant feature that helps users to in generating real answers to problems from real people rather than search engine generated solutions.