www.yandex.ru/ (Russian SE) is a Russian-based Search Engine that offers a wide variety of internet products and services. It focuses on providing answers to users’ questions by giving general search results, educational solutions, multi-media content and news.

About the company

Yadex was founded in 1997 as a Russia-based internet service provider, after which it has grown to become a multi-national company. It offers a range of services including  general search tab, Yandex direct, Yandex mail, Yandex browser, Fotki, maps, news, money, music, news, catalogue and Yandex taxi. It also offers cloud storage and video hosting services. Their video hosting service allows users to access a variety of free video clips mp4 music online. Their money application services enable users to register and transfer money and payments internationally over the internet. Yandex is also the provider of yandex matrix services, a free application for measuring website visits and analysing user behaviour.

www.yandex.ru/ (Russian SE) is ranked as the fourth largest search engine worldwide, with approximately 150 million searches per day and about 50 million visitors. Its homepage is popular in Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Ukraine. The Yandex browser is based on Chromium Open Source software and uses Blink layout engine in its operation. It checks downloads for virus threats using Kaspersky anti-virus. There are Yandex add-on options for browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Microsoft Internet Explorer.