Baidu is a search engine that provides its services globally in Chinese language. It includes options for general keyword searches, news and education; and also supports multi-media searches for audio files and videos.

About the company

Baidu Inc was incorporated in January 2000 to provide Chinese language-based web services. It provides 57 search and community services including an online collaborative encyclopaedia called Baidu Baike and a keyword-based searchable discussion forum. It also has an index of 80 million images, 10 million multi-media files and 740 million web pages

Baidu usually saves three types of online participants including customers, baidu union members and other users. It provides a Chinese platform where users can find relevant information through links provided on the website. The company primarily designs and delivers its marketing services on It has approximately 500,000 active marketing customers consisting of large domestic companies, small and medium enterprises across China, Chinese divisions and subsidiaries of multi-national companies. It also runs an online video acquisition business on PPS. also provides wireless application mobile searches and also markets a smartphone called Changhong H5018. Its search encyclopaedia operates in a similar way to Wikipedia, but only registered members can edit its articles.