Dogpile search engine fetches results from other search engines including Google, Bing, yahoo and Yandex and as well as other audio and content providers; and then analyses them to give produce the most relevant results according to its standards.

About the company

Dogpile was launched in 1996, aimed at eliminating the limitations of various search engines by combining their working principles and advantages to come up with more comprehensive results. It is an aggregate search tool that is powered by Meta search to retrieve results from various platforms. The search engine is owned by Blucora Inc. and hosts about 2 million US visitors every month.

Dogpile includes a wide variety of search fields including general web searches, videos, news, local searches and white pages. It saves the user’s search keywords for later access if necessary. They appear in a pop-up drop down menu as the user types on the address search bar. The user can also choose his favourite search engine to get results from, including Google and yahoo. The search engine also allows setting of personal preferences as well as advanced search options. By default, it includes a list of favourite searches and quick start buttons which change daily depending on most people’s preferences.