Yahoo is a news-based search engine that constantly provides world news on events as they unfold. It features a vast array of categories including autos, news, sports, finance, weather, Games, food, tech, news travel, dating and jobs.

About the company

Yahoo was founded in 1995 and is globally known for its search engine and web portal functions. Headquartered in California, yahoo features various global services including the yahoo directory, yahoo news, yahoo mail, yahoo finance, yahoo groups, online mapping, fantasy sports, social media website and yahoo news. It is features over 30 languages and spreads across almost all the countries in the world.

Yahoo Mail is a free mail platform offered by yahoo that provides a mailing account to customers. It consists of three major interfaces including the traditional classic mail, drag and drop Ajax interface and a more advanced interface option. It uses the advanced interface as the default option for all mailing addresses. The Ajax interface accepts keyboard shortcuts including address auto completion and auto correction features.

The yahoo web portal is a specially designed webpage that brings information together from various sources in a uniform way. In order to provide an interactive platform, yahoo uses the yahoo answers platform, a Q & A site that allows users to submit questions and get answers for their queries from other users.