Amazon Payments is an independently owned subsidiary of that offers a means of processing online transactions. It uses the client base of and gives users a similar checkout experience as that on the mother website.

About the company

Their payment system was launched in 2007 as a way of allowing customers to contact transactions on US based websites using their amazon account payment methods such as MasterCard and visa. Clients can check out at participating vendors such as jockey and Patagonia using their amazon account information, without necessarily re-entering their shipping addresses or credit card numbers.

Amazon Payments also offers a variety of specialist services including Amazon TextBuyIt, Amazon WebPay and TextPayMe. The TextBuyIt option is a mobile SMS-based service allowing users to check prices, find items or buy items through sending text messages to amazon. The WebPay service allows users to receive money using their email addresses through the company’s web page. Amazon TetPayMe allows users to use mobile SMS to complete transactions.

Amazon checkout also allows US based merchants to accept and use Amazon for processing of partners. They can manage various aspects of the transaction including shipping rates, promotional discounts, calculation of up sales and up-selling.