Google checkout is an online payment gateway for processing transactions that is maintained by Google. It facilitates online payment transactions and enables users to store debit or credit card and shipping information in their accounts. They can also purchase items at different participating stores through clicking an onscreen button.

About the company

Google checkout began in June 2006 in the US and later extended to UK the following year. The business enables customers to contact immediate transactions with their online funds including purchasing and selling items online. They have a credit card linkup method that allows customers to register and connect their online accounts with personal credit cards. They can, therefore, transfer funds in or out of their accounts anytime.  It facilitates inter-country and cross-country transactions at similar rates. The service has a program that allows non-profit originations and charity entities to collect online donations without incurring the standard charges.

Depending on the client’s country, transactions from the online Google checkout account to the bank account takes 3-8 days. Online money transfers, receipts and payments happen immediately. The business also has a service known as Google wallet, a mobile payment system allowing users to store credit cards, debit, gift and loyalty cards on their mobile phones. It is supported by financial service providers such as Visa, MasterCard and American express.