is a global payment gateway that accepts debit cards, credit cards and PayPal. It supports international transactions by providing services in 15 languages over 196 countries in various country-specific adaptive forms. The gateway supports eight payment methods inclining Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express among others. About the company 2 Checkout was started in 1999 as a gateway for facilitating payments across a wide variety of platforms. Over the years, it has introduced several services including recurring billing, standard checkout, inline checkout, BETA payment API and Brick's checkout. It provides global buyers with a localized payment system to maximize their online sales. The service uses a pre-integrated gateway to reduce customer abandonment and introduce localized features to users. It offers merchant accounts to increase user privacy and enable clients to build and online profile. In order to maintain high security levels, it offers various fraud prevention method including online account assessment, password prevention and one-user access policy. 2 Checkout adapts two major platforms, a standard and an inline platform. The standard checkout shows checkout pages based on the device of the buyer in order to maintain their branding. The inline checkout, on the other hand, gives clients the appearance that they are still on the website while giving all the advantages of a hosted checkout system.