Dwolla is a United States-based e-commerce business that offers mobile payment networks and an online payment system. It is a popular service provider for users of digital currency and Bitcoin

About the company

Dwolla.com was founded in 2008 to allow users to trade Bitcoins with dollars through an online platform. It allows users to sell their Bitcoins and then have their proceeds transferred to them through their dwolla account. They use a special bank account-based system to do transactions.

Dwolla charges a flat rate of 0.25 dollars for each transaction above 10 dollars rather than a percentage amount. It also allows for free transactions for payments less than 10 dollars. The system accepts credit card payment systems with a percentage charge of 3.5 of the total amount of money involved in the online transaction. Customers can request, send and accept money payments to email addresses, LinkedIn connections, twitter followers and phone numbers.

Dwolla can be used directly on the web or through a mobile application. It has a mass pay option to allow users to send payments to multiple users at the same time. Transactions carried out between the customer’s bank account and his Dwolla accounts are always free of charge.