An online platform owned by Adobe, and which offers marketing insights, knowledge, and inspiration to marketing heads.

The site provides daily curated information through news, slideshows, interviews with industry front runners, features and insights. The site has a smart, formal look with a plain background, which minimizes the possibility of distractions while trying to locate the desired content.

Information and links are evenly distributed on the homepage with major categories such as aDNews' and aDlnsight' occupying a considerable portion of the page.

One point of concern is the small font that's been used on most of the site's content. To read some words, one may have to squint a little.

A website that gives marketing insights to prospective marketers. It features numerous articles and blog posts from experts in various fields about modern marketing. It features open forums exclusively about marketing trends.

There are relative posts from different authors that are discussed in forums where professionals share ideas and create solutions to various marketing challenges. Not your fancy type of website in terms of designing, especially if you are a lazy user of the internet.