Ghost blogging follows along the same lines as ghost writing. People have been using the services of ghost writers for years and now this trend has been carried over to blog writing for social networks. Research into blogs has shown that websites that use blogs are more than likely to have an increase in site traffic. Added to this, if these blogs are well-written, actively maintained and updated on a weekly basis, visitors are likely to spend more time on the website and view more pages.

Blogs can help create more exposure for your website by funnelling visitors who are looking for highly targeted information and products through long tail keyword research. A blog can serve as a great first point of contact which then funnels through to your website. With business blogging become so popular and being hailed as the latest greatest thing in marketing it stands to reason that writers have now realized that they could charge for writing blog post in the same way that they have been for writing articles.

Companies and other individuals, in the same token, have realized that they could achieve the benefits of blogging without having to spend the time and energy doing it themselves. With the increased emphasis on blogging, it seems that ghost blogging will only become more popular, and with the benefits it provides, it is no surprise.