If you want to know your true friends, ask all your current friends to come help you move. The ones that will show up are the ones you can count on. The ones that won't, you'll know what to do with them. Moving is such a pain that even your close friends may desert you during that exhausting period. It requires a lot of energy from all aspects; we are talking physical energy, emotional energy, psychological, and mental energy. It is because of this discomfort that Alberta First Choice Moving Systems was established. It's a company based in Edmonton, Canada, that's dedicated to making the moving experience less painful and above all safe for both your family and possessions. The company has a website that you can access to learn all about them. This is what you should expect from it.

The User Interface

If you are from Edmonton, Canada, the first time the homepage of the company's website loads, you should be familiar with the image that welcomes you to the website. At the very top of the website, you'll find some contact information for the company. Following, immediately below the contact information is the company's logo. And next to that, below, is the main menu of the site, followed by the content of the site

The main color scheme of the website is red and black. Between the two, red tends to shout more, so the web designer of the site did his or her best to ensure that it doesn't. Be that as it may, you'll notice red more than you'll notice black. The natural white of the web page also helps to create a balance between the two colors. You may not notice black much because you may assume that it's just the color of the text used on the pages of the site, but it is intentional.

The general arrangement of content on the website is neat. Most things seem to be centered on the pages. It is a good design strategy because the user won't be forced to read from the far right to the far left of the screen. If you have ever tried that, like those websites without any styling such that text runs from corner to corner on your monitor, you'll realize just how annoying and exhausting that is. Content being centered on the page in this website makes it easier to go through and get the information you need.

From the 'Services' page, you'll find information about the various services you should expect from the company, like storage for your possessions. There may be other questions or needs that you may have while moving. This page is a good page to visit to determine how useful the company will be to you.

Relocating offices is a sensitive thing because of the kinds of items and documents that may be involved in the process. Furthermore, offices are more sensitive, particularly if they are large offices where more than one person may be involved. Albert First Choice Moving Systems has a page dedicated to this situation only to help you have an easy time locating it, and also to give you an idea of how sensitive they treat this situation. Check out the 'Office Moves' page for the specifics.

You can get a quote from the company through the website. It'll take up to 4 days for you to receive it, but be rest assured that you will get it. You can apply for the quotation from the 'Quote' page.

It is important you know what others think about the services provided by the company. It's the only way you'll know beforehand whether you can rely on the company or not. Check out it's 'Reviews' page to see what previous clients of the company have to say about it.

You can also consider the website's blog to discover what they've been up to.


The pages of the website load quite fast. There aren't a lot of images on it, so this adds to the excellent performance of the site. Moreover, the website is responsive, which means even if you are accessing it using a device with a small screen like a smartphone or tablet, you should still enjoy a good user experience.

The website is neat, well organized, easy to navigate, responsive, and performs very well. Anyone should be able to navigate it without any issues.

Business address

Alberta First Choice Moving Systems Inc
6321 76 Ave,
T6B 0A7
United States

Contact details

Phone: +1-780-440-6676