Do you have a pesky septic problem that just won't go away? Have you tried countless products that promise to clean and repair, but fails to deliver on its promise and still leaves you with a clogged septic system? You can head over to and check out the NT-Max commercial grade septic treatment products that were used to treat the oil spill in Galapagos in 2001 and the more recent Hurricane Katrina disaster spills in 2005.

The first thing that comes into mind when you open the website is that it has complete and accurate information packed in each page, and shows just how passionate they are in bringing you the best solution forĀ septic tank treatment. They do not keep their product a secret and provides all the specifications freely, plus information on why septic tanks build up gunk and accumulate waste everyday.

The Newtechbio website features other fields of concern as well, such as cesspits, drain and leach fields and sand mounds. Some say the old things still works best, and this website delivers on that aspect.
The layout of the website evokes a feeling of trust that they fully believe in their product 100%, and wish to share the solution with anyone who has that kind of problem. Right on the front page Newtech gives their contact phone number, various payment options you can use to purchase their product, trust-inducing awards such as the BBB accredited business stamp of approval, 255 5-star ratings and reviews, and the virus-free Norton secured logo proudly displayed in a prominent area.

They also have 4 special products showing on the All products section of the site - the NT-Max Grease Trap Treatment, NT-Max Septic and Drainfield Treatment which is the flagship product, the NT-Max Biological Water Treatment and the RootX Root Killer for All Septic Systems. The website posts true testimonial reviews, puts up the important areas such as FAQs and Comparison with the competitor products, and roughly gives an estimate on what to do and purchase with the Treatment guide section.

Overall the website does away with the fancy graphics and the new glitzy effects that may attract and bedazzle the consumer and instead focuses on providing a down to earth approach to selling their product, giving all the important information they feel the customer might need before making that final purchase. It is a website that you can trust to solve your septic problems and keep it maintained for a long time.