When referring to Amish groups it is important for us to understand that a group from one city can totally differ from one in another city.

Based on that, some of the rules tend to be stricter for some of them and a little bit more permissive for others. The same thing applies when we talk about technology. They shouldn't be considered as an anti-technology population but rather people who are more thoughtful. Most of the Americans think that everything that is new, is also good while Amish population prefers to think twice before deciding on that. Even though most of them don't have more than eight grades, some have impressive engineering skills. In one of the chapters of the book "What technology wants" by Kevin Kelly it is presented the pneumatic system which is known as "Amish electricity".

Even though they first started using it in their workshops, soon its benefits become so obvious they started to implement it in their households too. When referring to this system there are a series of both advantages and disadvantages.

Many people believe that pneumatics are a lot super to electrical devices. The main reason behind this affirmation is represented by the fact that it uses air as the main source of energy. Because of that, it is more durable than motors which tend to break after a few years and are also a lot more powerful. There are also some downsides.

One of them is represented by the fact that because the element we use is compressible, sometimes it can be hard to control both the precision and also the speed of the entire system. Loudness can also be seen as a disadvantage as they tend to be the loudest type of power machines designed. Even so, it is impressive that a population of people who refuses modern technology was capable of creating a "greener" version of electricity that is capable of offering the necessary energy.