One of the largest bills you'll ever deal with in your house is the electric bill. Renewable energy is one of man's greatest discoveries. For instance, we have an unlimited supply of solar energy. That means if you were to use solar power, you'll have a far much more affordable and unlimited supply of power. Power Different is an enterprise dedicated to delivering renewable energy systems in Norfolk and the East of England. They have a website where they digitally represent their company's services. In this review, I'll be letting you know what you should expect from the site.

The User Interface

Power Different's website is a standard website as far as web design is concerned. At the top left corner of the site is the company's logo, and to the right is the main menu. The main menu is simple and recognizable to anyone who is a regular on the internet. Immediately below the main menu is a large banner depicting the application of renewable solar energy in the evening or early in the morning. Following the banner are for buttons with four options, Solar Panels, Battery Storage, Solar PV System Upgrades, and Electrical Installation. These four options are some of the services the company specializes in. Feel free to explore them to learn more about them.

Content on the website flows from top to bottom. There are no asides on the site. Regardless of the page you find yourself in, you will explore whatever is presented there from the top going down. It is a good design strategy because it is much easier to view content as you scroll down the pages of a website than scrolling down and then having to lift your head to read something that was beside the main content of the page. Furthermore, the content on the website is brief. The site contains a wealth of information regarding solar power and solar panels. It also contains detailed information about the various modern technologies the company is implementing in the installation and maintenance of the renewable energy systems they specialize in. The fact that the content on the site is brief means that it'll be easier for any interested party to go through it and even include other related topics. The color scheme of the site involves a bright blue and black. Albeit the bright blue seems to be the dominant color.

You can visit the "About" or "Renewable Energy Consultants" (if you are accessing the website from a tablet or a smartphone) page to learn more about the company and what they have to offer. The "Renewable Energy Systems" page is one that I think is the most useful as far as the site is concerned. It contains details on the various renewable energy systems that the company deals with. You can gather a wealth of information regarding solar energy from them. You'll also get to understand how the solar energy is generated, stored, and consumed in your home once the solar panels have been installed. You can consider the "Case Studies" page to see how previous projects of the company turned out. The "News" page contains information on what the company has been up to as well as what it intends to do in the near future. I believe the pages I've mentioned here are the ones that are the most crucial for you to check out. Of course, the "Contact" page is vital, but you don't need any explanation to know what to do with it.


The website doesn't contain a lot of images. It has just enough images to reinforce the content it wants to share with the world. Therefore, it's pages load fast. The site is also responsive and its content may change a bit depending on the device you are using to access it. For instance, I noticed that the main menu item "About" – which is what you'll see on the main menu if you are accessing the site using a large screen device like the standard 1366 x 768 monitor – will change to "Renewable Energy Consultants" is you are accessing the site using a tablet device. Also, being responsive means that the layout of the site will change depending on the screen size of the device being used to access it. This encourages a positive user experience regardless of what device is being used to view the site.

Power Different's site is well organized, easy to navigate, and its performance is acceptable. It doesn't matter how often you frequent the internet or how web savvy you are, anyone should have an easy time exploring the site.

Business address

Power Different
Unit 35 Hethel Engineering Centre, Chapman Way,
NR14 8FB
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: +44-01603-406052