Website offering building materials and design solutions for optimal space saving, low cost and fast assembly of garages, barns and storage units. In general, the materials used are fairly cheap, offer plenty of resistance for their purpose and are simple to install, assemble and build into the unit you’re after. They also offer assurance that there’s little cutting needed, as the parts will already arrive suited and shaped, ready for assembly.

There are sections for farms, garages and storage units – each underlying some interesting points and facts about the parts used. You can get access to these descriptions on the first page of the website. Color cards are available as well – you get to choose the color of your future building.

When you actually get to the product selection (here in the form of kits), you’ll need to complete a form in order to get an estimate. Things like entry doors, windows, overhead doors, slider doors and cupola, alongside other options like insulation are available there for you to choose. Based on the choices you make, you’ll get an estimate which you can save for future reference. A contact button is also available on the product selection and customization page. Some general pictures are included as well.

At the bottom of the main page you have all the contact information you need: phone number, email and the standard contact form (name, email and message). Some social media integration is also available for Facebook and Twitter. There’s also a map underlining this business’ physical location in Texas.

Business address

APB Pole Barns
4014 Glenrock Drive,
San Antonio,
United States

Contact details

Phone: 210-650-2276
Fax: 484-307-2974