Heat Different is a company that specializes in the installation of renewable heating systems across East Anglia, England, incorporating Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) and Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) installations for domestic and commercial properties. The company has a website where you can learn all about their purpose for existence. This is what you should expect from the website.

The User Interface

The website is simple and straightforward. At the top left of the home page is the site's logo, and to the right, you'll find the main menu; a conventional main menu. Beneath the main menu is a large banner with some descriptive text about the company in the middle. Following the banner are four green buttons, "Air Source Heat Pump', "Water/ Ground Source Heat Pump', "Biomass Boiler', and "Solar Thermal'. These are not mere buttons but also some of the services you are likely to receive from the company. After these buttons, you'll discover a brief introduction and description about the company, as well as more information about the kind of services they are offering and why you should consider them.

The main color of the website is green and it is accompanied by some dark grey. The website is well organized. You engage its content from top to bottom. You know the way most websites contain the main content in the middle of the page and then on the sides, either to the left or right, there are asides? That is not the case with this website. On this website, content is arranged such that you read it from the top to the bottom. It is convenient since most people find it easier to go through as they scroll down the page.

I love the images used on the site. Most of them are just vivid photos of some of the projects the company has done and is likely to do for you and some of them are illustrative, in that they explain the process of either installing a particular service or how the service works to benefit you. The images play a very big role in reinforcing the content of the page and they really help you to understand how using alternative renewable heating methods is more beneficial than using non-renewable methods.

The website is very informative. If you were to ask most people about renewable heating methods, particularly those that are good for the environment, most people will get stuck with solar energy. However, from Heat Different, you learn about the various approaches for heating different. The website is not only letting you know what the company can do for you but it also educates you on the significance of their services so that you too can invest in their ideals, and help spread the word to save the planet and your money simultaneously.

There's a small box with a dark grey background at the bottom right of each web page after a page finishes loading for the first time on the site, with a title of "cookies'. If it's in the way of your view on the site, just click the green button inside it to send it away.

The "About" page contains information about the company, including the purpose of its existence. The "Renewable Heating Projects" page is the one I believe will be the most useful to anyone interested in the company and its projects. It is the page that contains details about the various renewable heating projects that the company undertakes. On this page, you'll find very detailed information about the renewable heating projects so that when you sign up for something, you'll know in advance how it is going to be of benefit to you. You can check out the "News" page to be informed about what the company has been up to and its future plans. And if you'd like to talk to someone from the company, the "Contact" page will be very useful.


The pages of the site load fast regardless of the fact that it contains several high-quality images. The website is responsive, which implies that regardless of the screen size of the device being used to view it, anyone who has ever accessed a website before should have an easy time exploring and discovering renewable heating systems.

Business address

Heat Different
Unit 35 Hethel Engineering Centre, Chapman Way ,
NR14 8FB
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: +44-01603-406052