The website was initially known under the name of Susan G. Komen for the Cure and is popular addresses as Komen. It represents one of the organizations that focuses on multiple fronts regarding breast cancer. The organization spent around 1.5 billion $ since they were founded in 1982 in order to increase awareness of this pathology and offer health services in areas where people don't have access to. The organization consists of over 100.000 volunteers which have spread across multiple countries worldwide and which share the same goal.

Why the need for an organization for promoting awareness of breast cancer?

On the website, we can find the "About Breast Cancer" page which offers information regarding this pathology and also statistics. The latest studies show that it is estimated that by the end of 2018, around 40.920 of patients suffering from this illness will die because of it. Even though it is more frequent in case of women, men are no exception to it. The survival depends mostly on how early the patients get diagnosed and how fast the physician starts the correct treatment. It is generally accepted by the medical authorities that early stage carcinomas show better rates of survival than in case of patients who get diagnosed in a late stage. Because in the case of this disease timing represents one of the key factors, organizations such as Susan G. Komen are essential in order to increase awareness and convince women to get scheduled for screening programs.

What is their goal?

In the late years, we saw a high prevalence of breast carcinomas in both genders. The organization hopes to be able to reduce the numbers of deaths by 50% in the United States by 2026. For this, they prepared a special corner on their website which shows all the innovations in regard to this disease each year since the organization was founded. They also provide information about metastatic cancer and offer access to researchers and clinical trials for patients who might be interested in joining them.

How can people help?

For this question, they prepared a special section on their website entitled "Get Involved". Viewers can donate only on how much they and their money will be offered to research or health programs that support this cause. In case people are interested in getting in more involved, they have a special page which offers in-depth information about how they can make a fundraising that sponsors this organization. They also have a calendar which featured all the past and upcoming events. Susan Komen is also famous for the three days 60 miles walk that they do in order to increase awareness about this pathology.

Share your story

For patients who are fighting with a life-threatening disease, the need to communicate with others can be understandable. The organization also focuses on this need and prepared a special corner where people can share their stories online. Viewers are able to filter the story in order to math with their situation. They can choose to read only stores of patients suffering from a specific stage of cancer or who undergo a specific type of treatment. This will help them emphasize better with the other person and in some cases stimulate them to become stronger and increase their desire to fight against the disease.