Every woman out there knows at least one other woman, whether a distant acquaintance or close friend, that can stay lean year after year – seemingly without any effort. Of course, we all want to learn their weight loss after pregnancy secret, though their answer might not be what we hoped for.

Far from having a special recipe or special kind of workout, the secret to staying lean year in and year out is habit. And habits, once matured, can really be one of the most powerful ways to lose weight after having a baby. Naturally, we're talking about good habits.

Of course, trying to shed some pounds is almost never a first occurring issue for most women out there, just as losing baby weight is not necessarily an issue. Maintaining the results, however, is! Sure, there are many ways to make weight loss after pregnancy a fast process, but how can you keep the pounds off, once you shed them? Gaining and losing weight again and again may be unhealthy, not to mention discouraging.

Fortunately for you, that is precisely what we're trying to answer in this article! According to the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, after analyzing thousands of data from men and women concerning their diets and habits, researchers have found what you need to do to stay in shape after you drop the extra baby weight.

1. The Most Important Meal Of The Day

One of the best ways to kick start weight loss after pregnancy and maintain your new physique is to ensure that your breakfast is a healthy meal. Otherwise, the entire day will be affected and you will end up either overeating or choosing sugary foods over whole foods.

While there is a debate on whether this is the most important meal of the day or not, for all the fit mommies who want to shed the excess pounds, eating breakfast is a must! 96% of the Cornell study said they eat a healthy breakfast. Among the preferred foods, fruits and veggies were the most popular, followed by eggs.

2. Weight Loss After Pregnancy & Mindful Eating

It seems that for those mommies who try to win their body back, mindfulness is not only regarded as a state of mind, but also as a way of eating. Of course this doesn't mean you have to think about how the chicken ran free in the fields under the warm summer sky before you eat the egg. It's not a restrictive type of mindful eating, but rather one that requires you to be present.

This means, whenever you eat something, you should be fully aware and committed to the action. In other words, if you're looking for ways to lose weight after a pregnancy, then perhaps you should not be gulping down a hot dog while surfing on Facebook or Instagram. Also, choosing whole, non-processed foods is a good idea!

3. Exercise Daily

Okay, maybe working out daily is overkill, but exercising nearly every day is definitely an excellent way to make weight loss after pregnancy easier. If there's one thing that is clear from the Cornell study is the fact that weight maintainers are an active bunch. Almost half of the lot exercise 5 to 7 days a week. Of course, not all of them are fresh mothers. So, consulting with your doctor before any type of physical activity is mandatory.

4. Light Dinners Make For Flat Bellies

It's common sense that if you have burger and fries with a dash of mayonnaise for dinner every night, your belly will get bigger. So, you can cross that off the list of ways to lose weight after a pregnancy. You can even cross it off of any kind of weight loss plan, highlight it with some yellow marker and make a note above it: Do not eat! It makes you fat!

Instead, make a habit of eating vegetables for dinner. Out of all the responders to the study, over 60% eat vegetables at dinner – every single evening.

5. Do Not Diet All Too Often

Shocking, I know! Though, according to this study, the majority of the respondents, about 80% simply do not diet. Out of those who do, they claim they do it rarely. So why don't weight maintainers skip dieting? Well, they say that if you follow all the advice: eat chicken, snack smart, exercise and eat plenty of veggies, dieting is simply not needed.

Isn't that great news? Still, out of all the ways to lose weight after a pregnancy, not dieting seems like the most paradoxical advice ever.

6. Choosing White Meats Over Reds

Meat color is a strong indicator on the fattening potential of said meat. For example, chicken is the all-time favorite of all the women who ever tried to lose post pregnancy weight? Why? Because four ounces of chicken has only 150 calories, 30 gr of protein and works perfectly well in soups, salads and many other things.

Moreover, chicken is consumed by more than half of the respondents in the Cornell study, making it a smart choice for weight loss after pregnancy.

7. Snacking

Snacking between meals is oftentimes frowned upon in most fitness communities. However, snacking can be a powerful tool, if done right. Fruit and nuts can be great ways to lose baby weight, since they are low in calories and high in nutrients and healthy fats.

Bananas and pistachios are a powerful combo that will not only repair your muscles after exercising, but also fight inflammation! Yummy!

It seems that in our fight against the post baby weight we may have forgotten about a very powerful tool: The force of habit. While instilling a new habit can be quite difficult, if your mind is set on a certain goal, then adopting said habit will be quite easy.

These 7 habits will help you on your weight loss after pregnancy journey, but you should implement them in your lifestyle to maintain the results once you reach your goal. In the meantime, don't forget that there are many ways to lose weight after having a baby – just make sure that the ones you want to try out are actually good for you!