I have been trying to lose weight for quite sometime now and I must admit that I've tried my best on trying to lose weight. But as I condition my mind that this would work out this time, the more I became depressed once I stepped on our weighing scale.

It's as if everything I do, it really doesn't work out for me! My struggles continued until I read about weightwatchers.com because I became inspired about the testimonies I read that I can really do it if I become more serious and committed to it. Reading all those stories helped me regain my confidence which I lost as I get heavier and heavier.

I came to realize that I am not alone on what I feel about myself. It's really about thinking positive, having discipline on yourself and of course eating the right food! I've learned that it is not only about exercising but also eating healthy foods and managing how much you can eat and beating temptations.

I must admit that I am guilty when it comes to temptations especially eating my favorite chocolate cake. But I guess that's one of the reasons why I haven't lost weight and instead gave me added pounds.

Weightwatchers.com really opened up my eyes that there are various ways I can lose weight if only I put my heart on it.