Burning Tree Lodge is a rehab centre for drug addicts located in Elgin, Texas. It has a dedicated team of counsellors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and clinical care experts who handle all the issues that addicts could have. Burning Tree Lodge has excellent facilities and a serene environment, which are critical to the welfare of its patients. It takes pride in its adaptation to the prevailing needs of drug addicts. For example, the rehab centre introduced a 90-day treatment course for its patients. I noticed this program as I was going through their website. I also noted a couple of things. Here are my observations.

The Presence of Contact Forms on Most Pages

You will notice that each webpage on the site has a web-form except one. These are contact forms where people who have an interest in Burning Tree Lodge can leave their name, e-mail, phone number, and a short message. The presence of this contact form on most of the web pages on the website is not coincidental. The web developers understand that drug addiction is an emotive issue for addicts and their families. That means online visitors to the site may be emotional or otherwise distraught. Looking for contact forms in such a state would be a challenging task for them. Consequently, the developers realized that having contact forms on each webpage would help them get in touch with Burning Tree Lodge regardless of their state of mind.

The Ease of Navigation

Navigation is a straightforward exercise on this website. In fact, the top part of every webpage contains every a link to every webpage on the site. Just click on the icons written in the uppermost section of this page. The 'About Us' icon has a drop-down menu. Each category within that menu has a link that works. You can also find a summarized navigation table at the bottom of the homepage. It includes links to all the web pages that are relevant to taking care of the patient. Moreover, you will find an upward facing arrow at the bottom of all the web pages. Clicking on this arrow takes you to the top of the webpage that you are viewing. You can click on another icon at the top of that page, and it will take you to another webpage.

The Serenity of the Color Theme

The web developers understand the psychology of color. More specifically, they take advantage of subtle colors like blue, white, and grey. They seem to have opted for blue because it is the color of the sky. There is symbolism in this choice. More specifically, the sky is stable. It will still be there tomorrow regardless of today's events. Online visitors would feel hopeful, calm, and rejuvenated when they see this color throughout the site. White is also the color of serenity and peace. Grey is a combination of black and white. Similarly, life has its positive and negative moments. The use of screaming colors such as red and yellow among others would have been highly inappropriate for this site. Remember, red symbolizes trouble while most warning signs are yellow. No one would want a rehabilitation centre that does not understand the psychology of color leave alone the psychological difficulties of a drug addict.

The Strategic Presentation of Images

The first image that you would see on this website is that of a smiling woman looking at something in the distance while the sun shines on her face. She let her hair down, and she is wearing casual clothes. The background is green and blurry. This imagery is powerful. It tells the story of focusing on inner peace by letting go of negative things. It speaks volume about finding happiness in simple things such as looking into the sunshine. You will find these kinds of images throughout the site strategically placed at the top of every page. That means the first thing you will see on any webpage is an image that has a calming effect on you encouraging you to take life easy.

The Detailed Presentation of Relevant Stakeholders

Institutions do not work in a vacuum. Instead, they work with various stakeholders including government bodies and professional associations. The web developers of this site realized that people want to know the specific stakeholders that Burning Tree Lodge interacts with during their daily operations. This information would make them more comfortable with the rehab centre. More specifically, it would inspire confidence in them that they know what they are doing because they are not working alone. Consequently, the names and logos of various stakeholders in drug rehabilitation across America are visible on the first page of the site. They include Psychology Today, the Texas Department of State Health Services, the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, and the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration.

Business address

Burning Tree Lodge
124 Fisher Street,
United States

Contact details

Phone: +1-512-285-5900