Premier Global is an educational provider that had stopped trading as of 9th June 2022 and declared that it is no longer accepting new learners for any Courses or Specialisations. Though it stopped accepting new enrollments, the organization continued to operate as a regular education provider until the end of the Teach-Out period. This move was made in their effort to ensure that their active learners continue to receive the required level of support to complete their outstanding qualifications. The Teach-Out period is scheduled to end on the 6th December 2022 at 6.00 pm.

Despite stopping all new enrollments, Premier Global has expressed a willingness to wrap up all final certifications that align with their Teach-Out terms and conditions. Once the Teach-out period ends, the company will focus on bringing all final certifications to a conclusion. Information on the Teach-Out period and conditions governing it can be found in the updated Terms provided by the company.

Customers are encouraged to seek clarity and additional information from Premier Global directly by reaching out to their Member Services at This line of communication can be utilized by users who require any further details or support.

The company makes use of cookies on their site to improve the user experience and facilitate effective communication with users. Site users are informed of this and are expected to give their consent to the use of these cookies when using the site.

Considering the above, Premier Global has shown to prioritize their existing customers' needs in light of the cessation of their services and exhibited transparency about their cookie policy and other site operations. They have also provided a definitive deadline for their Teach-Out period, effectively setting clear expectations about their operations during this phase. The company has also provided users with direct communication channels to seek further support or information. Though ceased trading, they have thus tried to ensure minimal disruption to their existing learners.