Studies have shown that people who constantly practice sports have an open personality. They don't suffer of low self-esteem and they are more self-confident than the others. Sports practicing should begin in childhood. Children under 8 should be at least familiar with throwing and catching the ball, hitting the ball, jumping or running. Sports that help to coordination development, such as dance and swimming also have remarkable benefits on child growth.

Sports give children and teens the chance to socialize with as many youngsters possible, being extremely recommended to shy people. At this self-discovery age, it is very important for teens to have victories, to feel the first success. Moreover, sports help to brain oxygenation, creating optimal conditions for learning. Dance lessons can teach a child self-discipline, poise and grace. A child introduced to dance at an early age will learn to appreciate the arts, the artists and the efforts behind the show. Adults should experience the benefits of sports, too! Sports are also recommended in controlling body weight, getting rid of daily frustrations and liberating our minds. Even after a hard day's work, sports can prove to be relaxing.

Nowadays, dancing is one of the best ways of discharging our emotions, of loosing stress and controlling body weight. Dance combines movement, music and feelings, turning the idea of "practicing a sport' into pleasure and hobby. One can choose any dance style he/she wants, and the options are not limited: ballroom dancing, belly dancing, group dances, hip-hop dancing, jazz dancing, tap dancing, to name but a few. And the benefits of such sport can not be denied!

A healthy mind in a healthy body!
Studies have shown that people who constantly practice sports have an open personality.

First of all, dance helps us gain the slender silhouette we all dream to have. Although dancers don't necessarily feel the effort behind the movements, specialists guarantee great results in loosing the extra kilos! Any type of dance provides movements of several muscle groups at the same time.Here is what the studies of Claude Fortin, Associate Professor at the SIU Medical School show: "As exercise, dancing is a good core workout. Calorie burn per hour for a 150 pound person is as follows by dance type: Aerobic (540+), Salsa (420+), belly (380), ballet (300), Square (280), Ballroom (265) and Swing (235). HDL ("good Cholesterol") levels have been shown to increase and LDL ("bad Cholesterol to decrease with dancing, as with any regular aerobic exercise'.

The second benefit of dancing is bone strengthening and muscle toning. For children, this sport helps the growth of bones; it prevents spinal diseases such as scoliosis and it stimulates important functions in physical development, such as: coordination, balance and flexibility. Dancing can be seen as a very effective cardiovascular exercise, and it gives strength to the heart and the lungs.

Third of all, dance helps us maintain a balance between our body and mind. It is often seen as a way of distressing ourselves, often being recommended by psychologists as therapy. Dancing leads to positive attitudes, to joy, and it successfully controls disorders such anxiety and depression.

A major study from Albert Einstein College of Medicine published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that, among all the exercises, dancing has the biggest impact on the brain health, improving overall cognitive skills. The study measures factors such as memory, the sense of well-being and stress level.

Moreover, dancing provides a sense of well-being. Being a social activity, dancing provides many opportunities to meet other people. Studies have shown that strong social ties contribute to high self-esteem. Joining a dance class will surely increase self-confidence, building social skills at the same time.

As any sport, dancing also increases commitment and responsibility of those who practice it. People who join dance classes learn how to adapt in a group, and how to follow its rules. They learn to listen, to help their team, but they also develop a sense of competition.

All in all, it's a fact! Dancing will surely get the monotony out of your life, and will help you stay fit and healthy! So what are you waiting for? Dust off those dancing shoes and let's get it started!