is an online directory that facilitates the connection of patients to African American doctors across various specialties. The platform allows individuals to find a black doctor in their vicinity, offering a range of medical personnel including dentists, oral surgeons, pediatric dentists, dermatologists, dietitians, ear, nose, throat specialists, eye doctors, optometrists, internists, cardiologists, oncologists, neurologists, OB-GYNs, physical therapists, primary care doctors, family physicians, geriatricians, nurse practitioners, pediatricians, psychiatrists, surgeons, and plastic surgeons.

Users can leverage the directory's search functionality to request services from any of these specialties. Once a search request is submitted, it is sent to pre-licensed and screened doctors who meet the user's criteria. The platform ensures to verify the licenses of all its listed doctors annually to make sure they are in good standing with their state's license-issuing agency.

Users can also communicate directly with a black doctor through the platform. This online resource aims to equip individuals with a tool to connect with black professionals in the medical field conveniently. The selection of doctors on the site is a grassroots effort to increase accessibility and visibility of black medical professionals.

Additionally, the site also highlights particular doctors on their 'Black Doctors Spotlight' feature. It serves as a recognition platform for these professionals, further emphasizing their contributions to the medical fraternity. The spotlighted doctors vary by their specialty and location.

As part of its service, a team reviews each user's request submitted through the site. Following this, users can anticipate a response within two business days, proving the platform's commitment to efficient service delivery. To facilitate increased access, users can also browse the listed black and African American doctors by specialty or location.

In conclusion, provides a vital service by creating an extensive online directory to locate and engage with African American doctors. It ensures credibility by verifying the doctors' licenses and fosters efficient communication between patients and medical practitioners. It serves as a commendable and much-needed initiative for increasing visibility and access to black medical professionals.