A healthy and rich hair is the ladies' secret behind their extraordinary appearance, even when they don't wear makeup or fancy clothes. A beautiful hair increases self-confidence; it emphasizes the eyes and eyebrows, the neck or the cleavage. We can wear it in a bun or in cute curls, natural, or dyed in bright colors; however, all this efforts are in vain if our capillary treasure is deteriorated, dehydrated, dull, frayed or damaged. In such situations, it needs help to regain vitality.

But who steals our hair's beauty? Although not noticing, we daily encounter the beauty thieves: everyday stress, poor nutrition, unbalanced diet, the change of season, pollution, and so on. However, sometimes we are our own enemies. By excessively using the hair dryer, the straightener, the curling iron and the hot rollers, we apply heat to our hair, producing a great amount of damage.

Now, the first thing you should do in order to have a gorgeous hair is to put aside the heat treatments and to change the personal bad habits when you style your hair. Don't wash your hair every day because you are actually washing away the oils your scalp produces in order to have a shiny, healthy hair. Also, don't wash it with extremely hot water! This will lead to split ends and frizz! After washing your hair, use the blow drier on a cool setting. However, in summer days, you should let it dry on its own.

Try to avoid dyes, bleaches, or other chemical treatments that will damage your silky strands. Also, keep in mind that commercial products for hair care promise a lot but contain many chemicals. It is better for you to make your own hair treatments, using nature's gifts. Here are some products that should be in any lady's arsenal!

The castor oil- is considered to be the best remedy for hair loss, due to its wide variety of minerals and fatty acids which are essential for a strong hair. Castor oil is very thick and viscous, thus, it is recommended to combine it with coconut oil or olive oil, both of them having extraordinary results when being applied on the hair. These oils are easy to use, as all you need to do is to apply the mixture on the scalp and hair, wrap it and let it sit minimum 3 hours.

SYour hair - a piece of jewelry
A healthy and rich hair is the ladies' secret behind their extraordinary appearance, even when they don't wear makeup or fancy clothes.

The olive oil –especially extra virgin olive oil will work wonders for your hair, as it is a natural hair conditioner. It is also one of the top emollients (meaning that it softens and smoothens) that can penetrate the hair better than others, being rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, an important anti-oxidant for healthy hair. However, after a long use of olive oil, the hair can get a bit greasy; switch to other remedies, or alternate treatments!

The argan oil – having a rich consistency of vitamin E, omega 3, 9 fatty acids and anti-oxidants, it hydrates the hair in a natural way. It is a great treatment for split ends, and if you love to style your hair on a regular basis, the argan oil definitely helps you restore the natural luster of your hair.  

Egg yolk, oils and lemon- this is probably a world wide known homemade hair treatment. Eggs contain lecithin and protein, which help strengthen and moisturize the hair. Egg yolks are natural emulsifiers and have a high sulfur content, which prevents dandruff apparition. Honey – helps to retain moisture and it is rich in vitamins and minerals, having anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties.  Mix it with water and use it to rub your scalp for a breathtaking look!

Basically, there is no special recipe to prepare a homemade hair treatment. You can mix the right ingredients for hair health in a bowl, rub your scalp, and only good things will happen.

Moreover, there are some other ways to make sure that your hair will shine! Besides the oils and natural treatments applied on the hair, you should be careful what you eat. There is no doubt: healthy eating improves the way we feel, and the way we look. For example, the vitamin B complex is recommended in maintaining a healthy hair, and you can find it in ingredients such as: liver, bananas, cabbage, beet, citrus fruit, and others. Both the vitamin B5, which contains pantothenic acid, and the vitamin B9, which contains folic acid, stimulate in a positive way the hair growth and hair pigmentation.;

The vitamin H contains biotin, and it improves the quality of our strands. If you want to help your hair grow stronger, make sure you include some ingredients rich in vitamin H in your diet: bananas, beans, eggs, peanuts, cauliflower and salmon.
Proteins shouldn't be forgotten either. In order to assure the proper amount of keratin in your system, eat chicken, eggs, nuts, seafood and soy.

Vitamin A should be beauty's best friend! It helps producing a substance for the scalp- the sebum. Moreover, it takes care of our eyesight, it increases the immune system, and it keeps us strong and healthy from head to toe. You can find it in ingredients such as: broccoli, melon, apricots, carrots, egg yolk, mango, spinach, sweet potatoes.

These are just a few gifts Mother Nature has to offer. You can have an exquisite appearance, a healthy hair and scalp, and you can also save some money, choosing not to buy expensive, full-of-chemicals hair treatments. Stick to natural ingredients, prepare your own remedies, and keep in mind that Mother Nature is beauty's most valuable ally!