How to monetize your blog?

There is no secret that a lot of people are aimed at creating their own blog, want to make money and that is why provide essay writing assistance , especially if the blog is tightly connected with the same topic. Some people make use of the space on their website and thus sell it by giving companies the opportunity to place their advertising on their website. Anyway, there are more options to make a blog a lucrative business for you.

Here they are:

Here is a list of simple ways on how you can profit from your blog:

AdSense . This service from Google is paying for thematic advertising on your website.

Partnership programs. From online stores you can earn commissions by placing links to their products that you recommend to your readers.

Advertisers program . Advertisers offer bloggers the opportunity to place advertisements depending on the total number of page views. In order to participate in these programs, you need to meet certain standards of attendance.

Self-sale advertising spaces . Prepare information for advertisers that you will sell advertising space on your website.

Souvenirs and other products . Create products, dedicated to the theme of your blog, and sell them to readers.

Button on the site for the transfer of money. With the help of PayPal and other similar services, readers will be able to support your activities, to buy your products or donate money to the cause that you are defending.

Indirect monetization . Through your blog, you can be invited to speak on a particular event or be offered with some job positions. This is the best way to make money with a blog.

Are there unwritten rules for bloggers?

Catching up on blogging, ethical principles should be observed. Most allegations of defamation do not reach court, but it is not necessary to hope: you need to be absolutely sure that what you write is true. The laws that allow journalists to conceal their sources of information, are unlikely to work in your case. If you make a mistake, admit it.

If a company is financing your user experience or study tour, say so. If you get free some products for a review, inform your readers.

What if the number of blog visitors exceeds 2,000 people a day?

When your blog is successful, you will be able to hire remote employees to work on it. If the number of visits to the site pages reaches 1000 per month or higher, assistants are essential - of course, those who agree to abide the basic principles of your blog.

However, to organize a team of bloggers is not the same thing as to control staff in the office. Your copywriters have to be disciplined; responsible people clearly observe the deadlines.

You can distribute them topics for publications or allow their suggestions. Another option: Readers may send their ideas for the materials by e-mail, and your team will let them contribute.

To coordinate the work, use a simple program to manage projects. Do not skimp on the rewards: pay colleagues in time, the best time is each month or even every two weeks. Regardless of whether you create your own blog or write for someone, follow the two golden rules: work for the benefit of people and restrain from doing nasty things.