eHow is a site where members contribute to the eHow community by writing articles on how to do things. Topics include recipes, health, do-it-your selfs, and just about everything else. Heck, there is even an article to get into a Caribbean medical school:

Even though just about anyone can submit articles, eHow does have guidelines that members must adhere to. If your article lacks substance, or fails to met any of the rules set, your article will be rejected and if you submit useless material, you may risk losing credibility as a contributor.

It's very simple to use and there is a template that allows a member to put their publication in a easy to follow, chronological format. Pictures are not required, but are highly recommended. Links can be posted as well as some warnings and additional information that may be deemed useful. Users of the community can also rate the quality of the article and leave comments.

Also, in addition to having articled published, there is a writer's compensation program where one can earn money for the articles they write. Of course the more sought out the topic of the article, the more the article earns. Again, eHow will weed out the articles that tarnish the integrity of their site.