One of the main problems that have continued to bug most mobile music lovers and iDevice users is the absence of some common interface between platforms such as iOS and Android. This has brought about an unnecessary burden when it comes to transferring files, especially music files from iTunes, to most Android devices and vice versa. Luckily, there is an application that can help users to overcome this barrier. It is the Wondershare TunesGo Application.

Wondershare TunesGo Application Overview

This is an advanced software designed to enable users to share files with Android devices and even organize them into a library for easier searching. It allows you to share files, add tracks, manage playlists and even delete tracks right from your device without having to take them off the iTunes library.

How it Works

After installing it on your computer or Mac, simply connect your iDevice (iPad, iPhone or iPad) to the computer. The device will be detected by the App automatically. TunesGo will then be populated by the device’s media. The content is normally categorized on a panel that is on the left side of the software. From here, you can easily manage your media, photos, playlist, contacts and even SMS individually. Note that the App’s user interface is simply intuitive, making it extremely easy to use.

What Wondershare TunesGo Can Do

  1. File Backup and Exporting

Unlike iCloud which only stores the iTunes purchases, this App keeps a backup of all the files that you may have downloaded or purchased from somewhere else. This enables you to recover all the files if you happen to lose them. Moreover, it has very flexible backup and exporting options. For instance, if you want to transfer your songs from an iDevice, it gives you the option of copying them to a folder on the computer, an external drive, an iTunes library or another iDevice. If you want to update your iTunes library from a portable device, the Smart Export function can allow you to transfer only the missing tracks. The built-in image viewer and media player enables you to preview the songs, videos or images before exporting them to other locations.

The App is also great for backing up other forms of data such as SMS and contacts. The contacts can be backed up in various formats including Outlook, Outlook Express, CVS and Vcard. The built-in contacts editor allows you to change the information. It also has a duplicate finder tool, which can help you to eliminate duplicates.

  1. Importing 

This App also allows you to import media files from other sources. It supports different media formats and if the file that you are importing is not in the Apple format, it allows you to convert it to an iOS-optimized version.

  1. YouTube Recording/Downloading

TunesGo also allows you to search and stream music from online sites such as YouTube. Once you select your favorite music, you can record or download it directly to your iTunes library. You can even add the album art or music tag to it.

  1. Playlist Management

It is also possible to create playlists in TunesGo. In fact, you can actually create your own playlist right from scratch and even add or remove songs without necessarily using the iTunes software. You can also add a playlist from your computer. The App allows you to manually transfer your iTunes music or playlist to your device and vice versa by simply dragging and dropping the file. Note that the issue of compatibly will not arise as the program is able to automatically convert the file to a format that is support by your device or iTunes.


Managing files on iDevices can be quite challenging especially if you are used to synchronizing them with a computer. However, TunesGo is an exceptional software with advanced features which enable all your devices to be on the same page. The App makes the transfer, sharing and managing of files to be extremely easy. Moreover, it is extremely easy to use and affordable. If you are looking for a versatile, convenient and reliable application to use for your iDevice backup or file transfers, Wondershare TunesGo will be the best App for you.