Windows Vista, an operating system (OS), was created by Microsoft to be used on personal computers, including business and home desktops, laptops, tablet PCs etc. Vista was announced on 22nd July 2005. This operating system was formerly known by its code name "Longhorn". Its development was finished on 8th November 2006 and it was released worldwide as Windows Vista on 30 January 2007.

Since, its worldwide release date, Vista was available for download and purchase from Microsoft's website. Windows Vista was released after more than five years since the introduction of Windows XP, its predecessor. This was the longest time period between consecutive releases of desktop operating systems by Microsoft Windows.

Vista is not an upgraded version of Windows XP, but is a completely different operating system. Windows Aero, Vista's interface, makes use of 3D graphics and other advanced visual effects to improve the user's interaction with the OS. Vista also includes enhancements to Windows Media Player, which was a plus point for the end-users who perceive their PCs as centralized locations for digital media where they can edit videos, view and send photographs, watch television etc.

Vista is a stable OS with the strongest security system. It has been tweaked and used for years, all around the world. Most of the issues in Vista were discovered and rectified, which lead to a robust OS that seldom crashed, according to most users. Moreover, User Account Control in Vista helped to prevent potentially hazardous software from making any alterations to the computer and the BitLocker Drive Encryption offered enhanced data protection to the computer.

Based on a data of 216 countries, Vista is still the 3rd most used Operating system in the world. It is used by nearly 10.5% of all desktop operative system users. At the time of release, the price of Vista Ultimate was $399, and Home Premium Vista was $239. However, since then the prices have gone down by $319 and $199 respectively. Windows Vista was succeeded by Windows 7 on 22nd July 2009.