It's no more a secret that technology is gradually becoming an integral part of our lives, both personal and corporate. Since we are getting increasingly comfortable with it, we are allowing technology to intrude in our personal lives too. According to recent research results from Pew Internet and American Life Project, the total number of people who own laptops, phones and tablets are surging like never before. As per Pew results, during 2013 May, 95% of the American adults own some sort of mobile phone and 35% own a table. So, you can well understand that instead of buying necessary things for their homes, people are more concerned about buying mobile phones.

As so many people own such mobile devices, it is rather necessary for us to realize that with the advancement of technology, it is gradually getting more intrusive within our personal lives. Tech gadgets are constantly gathering and collecting personal information about you, so much so that they know better about you than your best friend. Our gadgets carry our contacts, personal messages, personal pictures, calendar and so many other things, so what is it that we're risking by using such devices?

Unique technologies and unique ways of privacy intrusion

Scientists and gadget makers have crossed their limits in creating some unique technologies which are capable of invading our privacy in some unique ways. Here are some of them that have been gathered from the and other technology blogs.

1. Glasses which can translate foreign language: The AT&T of Japan, NTT docomo revealed a pair of intelligent glasses which allows the person wearing it to go through and translate foreign language text within as less as 5 seconds. This particular device reminisces a unique sci-fi universal language translator. As per the carrier company, the glasses have used character recognition technology and they have invented this especially for those people who travel abroad frequently. As you look at a foreign language text, the glass will soon show an overlay of translation so that you can soon translate it to your favorite language.

2. Blood sugar detectable contact lenses: Google Glass at least became infamous as it was disliked by the traffic cops and federal agents. Nevertheless, Google still dominates our lives, now in a better way through the invention of a peculiar kind of contact lenses. These lenses are made for the diabetic patients who have to regularly administer injections to their body to measure their levels of blood sugar. These contact lenses from Google will detect your blood sugar through your tears and will also change its color as per detected. So, checking your blood sugar will be as easy as taking out your mirror and checking the color of your eye.

3. Bra that can send tweets: This is an attempt to ease the process of tweeting for the ladies where the bra will send tweets whenever it is taken off. The fitness division of Nestle cooperated with Twitter to create this bra for breast cancer awareness. The bra sends a message through the server to your mobile phone, which then generates a tweet on the social networking website to remind women to examine themselves for fatal diseases like breast cancer. Don't you think this is a unique way of invading our privacy?

4. Bra sensors which monitor your habit of overeating: Are you someone who is dealing with obesity? Well, obesity is indeed a profitable market and it can lead to some really unique technologies. Microsoft Research has created a special bra which when working with a smartphone app, can send you alerts while you're overeating. There are sensors included in the padding to appropriately measure the heart rate of the woman who is wearing it. People tend to eat more when they're stressed and the sensor will use respiration rate, heart rate and rate of movement.

Therefore, with the invention of new forms of technology, you can easily see how they are influencing our personal lives. Although some of them might be helping us or enhancing our lives, yet what they're doing is nothing but invading our privacy. Nevertheless, it is rather interesting to note the influence of such unique technologies on our daily lives.