is an ICT firm in Japan that specializes in providing technology services, products and effective solutions. Customers from different parts of the world are able to access these services through the website. Indeed, it can plausibly be argued that the experience of this company has positively contributed to the future of technology in the society. was established in June 1935 and has since been growing exponentially as it widens its product and services. It is currently in the hands of Masami Yamamoto who is the sitting president.

Because of its commitment to better quality ICT services, Fujitsu has been able to post massive profits especially in the last fiscal year. It is rated among the most profitable ICT firms not only in JAPAN but in the entire world. In addition to this, it is also ranked among the best providers of servers in the world. In the entire globe, it ranks number four as an IT service provider company. It boasts of approximately 97, 000 patents all over the world. The company has been on the frontline when it comes to obeying the environment and this is the reason why it is considered as one of the eco-conscious companies today.

The primary business of is to provide customers with the ultimate solutions in the ICT sector. Apart from the provision of these solutions, Fujitsu also specializes in the manufacture, maintenance and sales of electronic products. Most of the corporate companies all over the world have continuously relied on these services for IT business solutions. Perhaps the high technology and the reliable system platforms that Fujitsu uses are the main reason why the customers are many. Despite the looming competition from other companies in Japan, the success of Fujitsu has been already a foregone conclusion.

The company also endeavors to provide system integration services as well as system solutions that are focused on ICT. They can also provide outsourcing services to corporate customers especially in the field of information systems management and operations. Companies that need system products ranging from storage systems to servers now have the perfect place to get them. has all these essentials that are regarded as the pillars of information systems. In addition to this, there are also network products ranging from optical transmission systems to phone base stations.

Countries from different regions including Oceania, Asia, Europe and Americas have been able to benefit from these services. With outsourcing services being the key pillar of Fujitsu, the firm has introduced a good network of datacenters in different countries across Europe and Asia. Undeniably, the strong worldwide service structure is the ultimate reason why Fujitsu has persistently stayed at the top. Even more importantly, the wealth of experience has enabled the firm to come up with advanced systems that boost its operations.

Presently, Fujitsu is among the few companies in the world that can make their own processor chips. As businesses and other corporate organizations seek ways of holding big amounts of data, Fujitsu has come up with x86 servers that are more reliable.

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