"For those who do" - a tagline attributed to creative thinkers who optimize utility in Lenovo's products. As Lenovo continues to develop its offerings, it also progressively develops its website to give each of its emerging market a corporate identity online. This post offers a review of lenovo.com.

Initial Impressions

In seconds, visitors will be taken to Lenovo's homepage right after they type its intuitive URL. That lives up to a valuable resource that online consumers always want to keep: time. Once there, an eye-catching hero image greets them - it's a photo of Lenovo's latest discounted offering. If Lenovo can use multiple hero images and create a slideshow, more of their products can be showcased.


As visitors acquaint themselves with the different sections of lenovo.com, they're given a visual inventive: a harmony of cool colors. Not painful or distracting to the eyes, the colors serve as a canvas for carefully-spaced text and succinct headlines. With links evenly spread on top of the page, site users can easily spot what they're looking for by simply pointing their cursors on each of the link categories.


The number of Lenovo's market is expanding. Thus, visitors from all over the world can pick their country or region from a dropdown and get to a page containing unique images, links, and promotional offers. As visitors click their way to the different parts of the website, they'll take comfort knowing that they won't have to hit their Back button many times because of a link that takes them back to the homepage.


In the homepage alone, visitors are immediately offered ongoing Lenovo deals with appropriate product images and call to action buttons. Following a natural progression of content, potential customers are led to a list of products that are grouped according to the kind of deal they fall under; and under each product, customer expectations are promptly set as important promotional terms and conditions are specified.


Clients who are looking for support and who wish to communicate are easily accommodated through multiple contact options. Customers with pending orders are also empowered to track their orders. On top of that, a blue box that reads "Which PC is right for me?" offers invaluable help to potential clients who are undecided or who want to get the best product to suit their needs.


Lenovo is well-acquainted with its customers. That's why lenovo.com has a special section where clients can log in and check their accounts. Other customers can still keep up with the latest deals from Lenovo by signing up for a newsletter. For those who are ready to purchase, a shopping cart is readily available. If not, customers can call their orders in and qualify for a Tax Exempt order.

Knowledge of Users and Trust

One very useful link found in lenovo.com is called "For Work." In it, users from the educational, business, and government sectors are provided with products and services that reflects their industry needs. Discount options are offered especially to students. Finally, while located at the bottom of the page, visitors can get acquainted with the kind of company Lenovo is, discover its history, its values, and its commitment.

For those who do - a tagline that speaks of simplicity, detail, and interaction. It's the recipe that makes lenovo.com an ongoing hotspot for a competitive website anatomy.

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