Lg.com is the official website that LG uses to market its products as well as provide product description and technical help to consumers. Product registration can also be done on the site.

A first look at the site shows how simple the site is designed. White goes well with virtually any color and so the official color of LG, red, that has been used on some of the texts and buttons go well with the other black and white texts. LG makes different products from mobile devices to household appliances. These are very well categorized on the website. A visitor can get what s/he is looking for with ease.

The home page doesn't have too much information in text form which doesn't overwhelm visitors with info overload. The photo slideshow is captivating since it showcases a product from each category of their products while giving a brief description of that product. The photos are of good quality and this present a slight challenge. They take a little longer to load and this may turn off restless visitors.The three tabs just below the slideshow present a shortcut to what a visitor may need when shopping around like tips on choosing a product suitable for them. Also, one connects users to the official social network pages where they can receive company news frequently.

The site's layout is quite simple and neat. The placement of the menu links on the top and the sidebar on the left side of the page is consistent with most sites and so a frequent web surfer will find it easy to get through the site. Even a new web user, although rare, can navigate comfortably through the pages. The preview menu style also makes navigation quick and easy since they show what is under that menu. The user can then click on a specific place to go for the needed information. Links easily identified by their red color. All the links seem to be working well and they help make the navigation process easier. There is a sitemap for effective navigation too. If the text sizes were increased a bit, though, it will help make them more readable to some people.

Lg.com is a portal for advertising and sharing of vital product information of LG products and this is carried out quite well. Product descriptions are short and to the point. Anybody looking for a specific product can get it easily on the site and read its description quickly. The site has a Compare feature which helps potential buyers to compare the features of the products to see which will cater for their needs.

The Generate a PDF feature helps put the products side by side and list their features for analysis by the user. The PDF can also be saved or printed to be looked through offline or at a later time. Although there is a Downloads & Manuals page, most of them are currently not available except the PC Suite. They better work on this. The Help Library also offers useful info to the visitors.

Contact information is well presented. The contact options are visible and easily accessible on the homepage and give website users the different ways to contact LG. The phone numbers are provided to ease communication as some are toll free. To e-mail them, though, one needs to have an LG account.

Overall verdict: lg.com is a simple site that anybody can comfortably use. The navigation is easy and quick and the information provided is helpful to site visitors.

Review by , senior editor.