is the official website of Dell Inc. which is a privately owned multinational company that specializes in computer technology. Dell is based in Round Rock, Texas and most of its work revolves around selling, repairing and developing computers and other computer-related products.


Dell has a very dynamic website with a simple interface that not only looks good to the eye but also loads easily on any browser. The color theme of the website is in tandem with the traditional Dell colors; blue and white. Besides a well spaced menu, the landing page features an overview of the services offered, hottest deals on their products and types of online support offered. The top section of the website has a hotline that can be used whenever you wish to call them directly and there is also a login link for those with premium accounts.

The footer section has additional quick links that are useful whenever you want to access a particular section of the website easily. The links are structured in four major sections which include company, legal, Do More with Dell and Community. is a multilingual site and offers support to many languages from different countries in the world. The body of the website has a simple slideshow that displays snippets of information on news related to the company.


You can move from one section of the website to another easily thanks to a beautifully well laid out menu and a couple of links on the footer section. There is also a search text field where you can enter any keyword and press the search button for instant results. Accessing your account can be done easily via a menu item labeled "My Account".


From the onset of your experience, it will be evident that you are accessing a computer-related website. When you click on the For Home or For Work button you will see a huge variety of computers intended for home use and office use respectively. Every computer or accessory available on the site has a lot of information about it which is helpful in ensuring that a user fully understands it before making a purchase. The website is written using simple language that is easy to understand hence advantageous compared to technical jargon that would be difficult to interpret by people from non-IT fields.

The community section of the website has a lot of articles that talk about almost every topic related to dell products. Any member of the site can contribute views and ideas that can help or educate other members of the dell community.

Other Important Information

You can buy computers or other computer-related accessories on the Dells website. To do this click on "For Home" or "For Work" then select your preferred computer type from the submenu. A page displaying the computers selected will be loaded and you can refine your choice by choosing the model, price, custom features, disk space and processor type from the checkboxes on that page. You have to create an account before making a purchase so that your orders can be traced easily and support given accordingly.

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