Mainly focuses on providing solutions to business leaders following disruptions occasioned by changes in technology.

Readers are made to see how change; however positive, would impact on unprepared entrepreneurs. The website provides an in-depth analysis of technological disruptions, the changing trends, and solutions to remaining business-minded during such times.

It is a team of independent researchers whose idea is to afford entrepreneurs timely strategies and confidence to steer their businesses through times of change. Fairly well laid-out design with clarity in separating pages.

The group offers business leaders valuable insight on how they can perseveres in the face of changes associated with disruptive technology trends.

Altimeter achieves its goals through independent research and strategy consulting. The site makes a meaningful effort to include all the major content on its homepage.

This includes a slideshow of important articles, reports and research studies, clearly-labeled categories of content including reports, webinars, blog posts, and speeches/events, among others. It has a commanding theme color that captures the reader's attention at the first instance.

The inclusion of the team on the homepage boosts the reader's confidence in the content provided by the organization.