IMIGpro is a creative video and film production house whose goal is to tell your story through film. We have the experience and skills needed to take care of all of your production needs from TV and web based commercials, to DVD authoring and much more. IMIGpro minimizes the hassle of searching for multiple companies to do the project by offering full services including script writing and voiceover. The technologically advanced and imaginative team at IMIGpro is beyond capable of creating innovative and remarkable ways to tell the story their clients are trying to convey. They even offer Ariel Drone filming in order to get a bird's-eye-view and capture it all. From pre-production to post production, you will be very pleased with IMIGpro's inspired skills they put to use in order to create an outstanding project. Have all your needs taken care of, start to finish, in one location. Contact IMIGpro today and start telling your story.

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2848-J Queen City Dr. ,
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Phone: 704-746-3500