Bromley Car Repairs (based in Bromley, Kent, United Kingdom) specializes in providing repairing and servicing a wide range of vehicles. It carries out MOT testing as well. The company was founded in 2007. They are focusing on hard work, exemplary customer service, and adherence to professional standards. Today, Bromley Car Repairs is one of the premier auto repair shops in the county. They have a 5-star Good Garage Scheme rating when it comes to customer satisfaction.

The company's website is the first sign of professionalism. More specifically, the site is straightforward. For example, you can find their contact information and their physical address at the top of the homepage. That means you can call the company immediately or visit them as soon as possible without clicking anything else on the website. That is an ideal setup for people who need emergency repairs, and they do not have time to click on various links to get this information.

The Color Scheme

Three colours are prominent on the site: sky blue, dark blue, and white. These subtle colours help you focus on the content of the website rather than the features it has. Bright colours such as red, neon green, yellow, and orange are fit for gaming sites.

The Use of an Embedded YouTube Video

The web developers went to great lengths to show online visitors certain aspects of Bromley Car Repairs. These aspects include what the company does and who does it. They achieved this aim using videos and images. For instance, you will find an integrated YouTube video as you scroll down the homepage.

This video is a one-minute summary about the company including mentions of its services, physical address, and the proprietor behind it. Viewing it would save online visitors a lot of time especially those who do not have time to go through the links on the site. It also helps them to connect with the company on YouTube in addition to sharing the video with their friends.

The Use of Personalized Images

The images are displayed on the site strategically. For example, the homepage opens with a striking black & white image of two vehicles in a repair shop. One of them is an SUV while the other one is a small car. Then at the top of the image are the words 'Bromley's Trusted: MOTs, Servicing, & Repair.' The 5-Star Good Garage Scheme Rating is at the bottom of the image.

The creative use of words and the strategic location of images creates a feeling of confidence in the company. It also seems as though they are ready to handle my problem as soon as I take the car to them. Moreover, I see a team of professionally clad individuals as soon as I hit the 'About Us' page. It seems as though they are waiting for me to arrive at the repair shop.

Business address

Bromley Car Repairs
151 Masons Hill,
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: +4402084666665