The company was started in 1985 at what was then called Cross Roads Garage next to Stratford-Upon Avon. In the close to three decades that it has been in existence, it has emerged as among the leading Isuzu and Subaru dealers in the UK. The company deals in various vehicle brands including Fiat, Jeep, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Chrysler and Great Wall. 

The company is also tasked with providing Pro Racing performance aftermarket parts for Subaru. It also offers cars, both used and new, for rent.

And if you are looking for offers, you only need to click on the offers link and you will be met by all the current offers and promotions that the company has.

Although Unity Automotive Group can now supply a wide variety of cars across 8 brands, it is still able to retain the important values upon which the first dealership was anchored.