For early bloggers, SEO was the lifeblood of generating traffic to their blog. The process was simple; create content stuffed with keywords that consumers were searching for, publish the content, and wait for traffic to come.

As simple as that sounds, it was literally the way blogging and search engine optimization worked in the beginning. As time has gone on, the importance of SEO for bloggers has not changed. What has changed, however, is the way in which SEO works.

There is little doubt that ranking at the top of search engines is more difficult than ever. According to digital marketing guru Neil Patel, SEO is hugely important if you want to make your own blog. His guide gives you some fairly specific tips on how to optimize your SEO, but it may be a little overwhelming for the beginner.

There are quite a few easy ways that you can incorporate SEO into your blog. Here is a look at a few of them.

Utilize Google's Adwords Keyword Tool

One of the best, and easiest ways, to incorporate SEO into your blog and content is through the use of Google's Adwords Keyword Tool. When utilized correctly, this tool can serve as the basis for discovering the keywords that you should be using in your content.

In many cases, the keywords that you end up choosing will be long tail keywords that have medium or low competition. Once you've discovered what keywords you should hone in on, you can enhance search engine optimization by placing them within the title, URL, subheads, meta description, and body of the content that you're creating.

Focus on Building Backlinks

Search engines are continually shifting their algorithms towards focusing on website reputation to determine rankings. But how do they determine your website's reputation? Well, on top of the age of your website, it comes down to how many and what websites are adding links within their own blogs to your website.

These links are known throughout the blogging world as backlinks, and their importance has always been stated prominently by Google and other search engines. One of the age old ways for generating backlinks was through guest posting, although some experts say that other methods will be more effective over the long term.

Create Niche Content

It's no secret that there are tens of millions of blogs throughout the world. It's also no secret that these blogs are creating billions of articles and website posts every year. That makes competition for the top pages of Google pretty fierce.

So, how do you compete with this? Well, the easy answer is to create niche content that focuses on a deeper topic that other bloggers within your industry aren't talking about.

While it may take some time, Google will eventually notice that you are one of the few bloggers creating useful and relevant content about the niche topic. They may even identify you as an authority on the topic, which enhances your website's reputation while also making it more likely that future posts will rank highly.

SEO is certainly not an easy concept to understand. There are many different factors that go into search engine optimization, which makes it difficult for beginner bloggers to succeed. By focusing on the easy ways to incorporate SEO listed above, you should be able to get your blog off to a solid head start in your quest to rank at the top of search engines.