Brent Hemington is a compassionate and experienced litigation lawyer in Calgary with over 30 years of experience. He specializes in:

  • Family Law and Guardianship
  • General Litigation and Civil Law
  • Personal Injury Law
  • Construction Law

He has a website where you can find all the relevant information you need about him and his practice. In this review, I'm going to inform you about what to expect from the website.

The User Interface

Brent's website is a simple WordPress powered site. The website is solely about him – as a professional lawyer – and the services he offers. The site is intuitive and easy to navigate.

On the home page, at the topmost part of the page is a large banner introducing Brent, and right below it, you'll find the main menu. The content of the home page gives a brief introduction of Brent and a little bit of information about his practice and his philosophy as a lawyer.

Something unique about Brent's website is that it doesn't have a footer; well, at least not the conventional footer you'll find on most websites. On most websites, you find a footer that contains more contact information for the business or individual in question, more links to other pages on the websites, and even another main menu. But Brent's website doesn't have any of these things. Instead, his footer contains a short motivational quote. It's like that's the last thing he wants you to remember at the end of the particular page the quote is located. This is unconventional, and considering how simple his website is, this is one aspect of it that I think makes it stand out from other websites. That says something about him as an individual; that he is simple but unique in his own way.

The content on each of the web pages is considerably brief. Even if you decided to go through all the pages on the site, I don't think you'll spend more than 30minutes. He has only provided the content you need to know and understand regarding what's going on in your case.

On the "Areas of Practice" main menu item, you'll discover a submenu with a list all the areas Brent specializes in. You can click any of those items to learn more about them. With each item, Brent explains what it is, his roles it in as a lawyer, and your role as a client. Regardless of your understanding about any of the different practices that he is competent in, he assures you that his knowledge and experience in the field will be sufficient enough to ensure that you come out victorious. In a way, he is saying that you can leave everything up to him. But for those who prefer knowing what's happening, the information has been provided for you.

Since Brent's site doesn't contain a footer with the contact information, his site actually does make sense having a contact page. If you'd like to contact Brent, just visit the "Contact Brent" page and you'll find sufficient details to reach him. I must say that in most of today's websites, it's kind of pointless having a "contact us" page and at the same time including so much contact information at the footer of each page. Like Brent's site, instead of filling the footer with so much contact information, just place other stuff in the footer, and let the contact page actually have meaning. Or if a website is going to have so much contact information in the footer, then there's no need for a contact page.

Brent's website is straightforward and well arranged. The content just flows from top to bottom and as already expressed earlier, it's brief. There will be no time wastage as far as this site is concerned.


Brent's website barely contains any images. Besides the banners on each of the web pages on the site and an image of him, there are no other photos on the site. Moreover, the content on the site is considerably brief like indicated before. This means that the site loads super-fast; there's nothing to slow it down. The site is also responsive, which means all users should have a positive user experience regardless of the screen size of the device being used to access the website.

Brent's website is very simple, unique in its own way, intuitive, and easy to navigate. People from all walks of life should have an easy time exploring it.

Business address

Brent Hemington PC
#510, 505 - 8th Ave SW, #510,
T2P 1G2

Contact details

Phone: +1-403-263-9999