The internet has caught speed and today every business is online. Putting up a website is easy. Buy a server, select a theme, write a few words about what you will offer and you are done. Right?

Wrong. Website design is very important because you are not serving yourself, you are serving your customers. A website should make the life of your customer easy not difficult. You do not want your tensed customers to leave your website just because they were unable to contact you or find what they were looking for.

The beauty of a website does not come from adding a colourful theme, beautiful font and pictures (those are secondary). The simplicity of the website is what you should work on. Check out Oykhman Criminal Defence Law to understand what an excellent website looks like.

Oykhman understands what people go through when they have been charged with a certain case. People in this situation do not have time to navigate through your website, spend hours searching where they will find a good lawyer. They have a problem and they need an instant solution. A website like Oykhman comes in handy because it's user-friendly.


As soon as you land on their homepage you will be welcomed by the image of three professional lawyers (perhaps discussing some case). The text in the white color popping out of the image clearly states that these lawyers solve criminal cases.

The whole laptop screen is covered with this image and only things visible are "Need Help? We are here! - Start Chat", "Book A Free Consultation" and "View Our Successful Cases" buttons. At the top right corner the phone number marked in red shows urgency.

Scroll below and the website speaks what it can offer you. The text "We are here to help" assures the visitors that Oykhman will pull you out of any situation. The visitor now knows he is on the right website. His tension eases a bit.

Navigation Bars

The top navigation bars have a sleek drop-down menu, so the visitor can directly visit their area of interest. The heading of the navigation bar is clickable and takes the visitor to the respective page.


After you click on the navigation bar to land on the respective page you will see "Book a free consultation" form never leave your sight. The form has been placed on each page on the right-hand side so that the visitors do not wander searching for a contact form. If they are interested they can immediately start filling up the form.

The pages like "Practice Areas", "Court Process", "Lawyers", and "Reviews" are organized into sections and columns with neat boxes so that the visitor do not face any difficulty. The font size is just of the right size with enough white space so that the letters can breathe, giving a good readability to the visitors.

The FAQ section is like any other website with all the questions and answers people might have. But yes, it has been organized in sections so that it's easy for the visitor to search for the question they are looking for.

The "Review" page comes as a relief to the visitors because many happy customers share their experience and a visitor can quickly understand that it's a reliable website. The trust on the website increases, because now a visitor knows that he/she is not the only one caught up in the mess, there were others and Oykhman has helped them. Few reviews have mentioned the names of the lawyer, so a visitor gets an impression that there are people out there who are ready to help.

The "Successful cases" section showcases all the cases that have been fought and won without leaving any criminal record on their client. This section gives an extra boost of reliability and the trust on the website and company gets build up in the mind of the visitor before he/she goes ahead and contact the respective lawyer.


The overall look and feel of the website is very appealing. Anyone with limited knowledge of the law in Canada can easily understand what the website is offering. The theme and colour are neither too soft, not too hard on the eyes.

The sections that need immediate action have been marked in red so that it catches the attention of the visitor. The language of the website is easy to understand and the chat window is readily available to the terrified people who have never been in a serious situation and are in a desperate need for the solution.

Business address

Oykhman Criminal Defence Law
Suite 301, 69 Elm Street,
M5G 1H2

Contact details

Phone: +1-647-986-8077
Fax: +1-855-492-2808