We all value our freedom. In fact, the main difference between a convicted criminal in jail and the average civilian is the fact that one of them has the freedom to do most of the things they would like to do. In jail or with a criminal record, your freedom is significantly affected. In jail, you can't necessarily do whatever you please, and with a criminal record, almost everyone who knows about it will question your actions and reactions, regardless of how innocuous they are. Michael P. Sheehy is a former prosecutor in Lynnwood, WA. He is dedicated to guaranteeing your freedom, regardless of the nature of the charges you may be facing. His website, 'michaelpsheehy.com' is devoted to informing you all about his capacities as an attorney. In this review, we are going to check it out and see what it has to offer. All Rise!

The User Interface

At first glance, Sheehy's website gives you the sense of professionalism brewing in the background. The website is neat and well structured. At the very top of the site, I couldn't help admiring Sheehy's logo. Its design just exudes reliability and aptitude. Right next to the logo, you won't fail to notice the two badges of recognition of Sheehy's achievements as an exceptional attorney. Both of them are Avvo badges; one giving him a rating of 9.5 (I'm assuming out of 10) and the other gives him a 5-star rating as an attorney. If you don't know by now, Avvo is an online legal services platform that offers lawyer referrals. If you are concerned about credibility, I think these two badges should at least help to ease your concerns.

The home page of the site contains enough information to let you have a clue of who Michael P. Sheehy is, and what his firm is all about. There is also a form that enables you to contact the firm if you would like to. You will also find various links to assorted pages on the website.

The website is very motivating and informative. Of course, it is a site based on a lawyer. You will find a lot of significant information about how you should think in case you are facing any charges. There is also specific information about various criminal offences and the procedures involved for one to be convicted. The site shows you what dangers you may be facing in case you are being accused of a criminal offence, and also gives you a hint at a way out.

The 'Testimonials' page is filled with the point of view of previous clients of the firm regarding its services. Most of them can't help expressing how helpful and critical Sheehy was to their case.

The 'Case Results' page is a reference page where you can have look at how previous cases of the firm went down. More proof of the kind of quality you should anticipate from Sheehy's firm.

According to the website, the Sheehy's firm gives potential clients free case evaluation. If you feel you need the services of the firm, then the 'Free Case Evaluation' page will prove helpful to you. It contains a form that you can fill in your details and explain your case.

The pages of the website are considerably brief. I appreciate that about it. Websites that have a lot of content are just exhausting. This website has only given you the content you need to know either about their services or your specific case. You will not get bored going through its content, and you won't feel exhausted either.

Why the firm?

I thought you may want to know this in advance. According to the website, these are the main reasons you should prefer their services over other firms:

  • Free case evaluations
  • Personalized defense strategies
  • More than 15 years of experience
  • Extensive track record of success
  • A former prosecutor on your side
  • Recipient of a Superb rating from Avvo
  • Dedicated to securing a favorable outcome
  • Awarded Avvo Clients' Choice Award 2012-2015
  • Top rated criminal defense lawyer fighting for you
  • Rising Star in Washington Law & Politics Magazine


The pages of the website load super-fast. It doesn't contain a lot of images so this may be one of the reasons its performance is excellent. Furthermore, the site is responsive, which means regardless of the screen size of the device being used to access it, you should have a good user experience.

Sheehy's website is well structured, easy to navigate, and very informative as far as criminal law is concerned. Anyone in need of an attorney to save them from the pain of losing their freedom should find the site straightforward and a reliever. I bear no reservations regarding it. I rest my case.

Business address

Michael P. Sheehy
19000 33rd Ave W, Suite 100,
United States

Contact details

Phone: +1-425-778-6900