Kulplaw is a Charleston-based law firm which run by renowned Lawyer Mr Tim Kulp. It handles all kinds of criminal defence cases on county, city, state and federal courts in Georgia, West Virginia and South Carolina. Mr Tim Kulp is an experienced lawyer with a 34-year clean record in a wide variety of fields. He is a former FBI agent, prosecutor and judge.

He has handled thousands of criminal defence cases and prosecuted countless cases. He has also been in Federal criminal defence since 1987 and is one of the few people who have experienced all the dimensions of Law. The Lawyer holds one of the most coveted certificates as a Board Certified Specialist which is only held by four people in South Carolina. Mr Kulp serves along with C. Austin Elliot a Canton native lawyer who has earned a spotless reputation over long years of service.

The Kulplaw lawyers represent people accused of DUI offenses and aggressively negotiates their cases. They are willing to take DUI cases to trial in order to achieve the best results.  The firm boasts of having one of the most knowledgeable, courageous and highly experienced lawyers in South Carolina willing to take immeasurable risks for the client’s benefit.

While many people are charged with DUI cases every year, very few of them get proper representation in court. The law firm answers all the DUI related questions including license retrieval information, bail information, best case scenario and worst case scenario.  They seek to create great work relationships with clients to achieve the best results.

Kulplaw believes that charged people deserve responsive and respectful counsel and advice. While the rules of ethics deny lawyers from comparing the quality of their services with those of other lawyers, it is clear that their services are among the best in the market. Their consultancy services are available for 24 hours every day.

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Kulp Law Firm
116 Church Street, 3rd Floor,
United States

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Phone: 843-853-3310
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