is a website for ICO Affiliate Marketing. The company describes itself as a company that connects affiliates and ICOs and paying out in Bitcoin and Ethereum. The first thing that pops up when one opens the CoinCommission's homepage is a newsletter sign-up form. The Coincommission's website is pretty business-like with a picture of a lady staring in rapt attention at a computer screen against a dark background. The color scheme is light-blue, dark-blue and white. The lighter colors show off great against the dark-blue backdrop. The font size is small, especially when viewed from a mobile device like a tablet or smartphone.

Instead of going into long details about who they and what they do, they have kept information to the barest minimum. The information does not exactly explain what ICOs are or what affiliate marketing ICOs means. Instead, there is a link to a YouTube Video. That's great because instead of reading you can watch the animated YouTube Tutorial. People who understand the language and what this whole thing is about will not mind the fact that there aren't too many words to pour over. The assumption is that people who end up here will want to be here.


Getting around the site is fairly easy. There are only four more pages to go after the Homepage and that is the About page, ICOs, Faq and the Contact page. Each of these pages has also been treated with the same color scheme and small font. You can fill out a form for them to contact you. The Faq page is well documented considering the kind of service they provide.

Personal experience

Having looked up CoinCommission on Google you get a sense of what they are but that Google description makes it sound like it is the go-to site, the only site, in fact, that does what it says it does.