Vortex Production Services is a leading provider of oil and gas production and processing equipment and services in Western Canada. Started in 2003 as CH4 Compression, the company has grown organically, and through acquisitions. Shelter King Steel Buildings was acquired in 2005. Compact 2000 (Complete Package Technology 2000) was acquired in 2007. Led by Paul Eakins, Compact 2000 provided the company with extensive experience and a stellar reputation in design and engineering. Magna Machine Shop, led by Ken Osborne, joined the company in 2008 and added significant experience and talent to our western and central operations of Alberta. Prior to the employee buyout of the company in 2012, the combined companies operated under the name Strad Compression & Production, a division of Strad Energy Services.

Business address

Vortex Production Services
P.O. Box 1480 7201 – 50 Avenue,
T0C 2L0

Contact details

Phone: 1-877-742-6900