APP is among the top-notch companies worldwide dealing in waste management, energy and advanced fuels. They convert wastes in a cost-effective manner and treat them in sustainably by bearing in mind that wastes are readily available source of raw materials. They minimize the use of energy when treating the wastes to ensure a sustainable environment.

In fact, they have developed Gasplasma® process which is an unparalleled technology which has revolutionized the conversion of wastes to either energy or fuels. The technology is a superb clean and scalable module which is core in minimizing both visual and environmental impacts while still maintaining a high efficiency. 

The plasma treatment and the gasification technologies are combined together to develop the Gasplasma® process technology. The two technologies have been proven commercial standards in their efficiency and operation techniques.

This top drawer technology converts wastes plus the outputs from any waste gasification process both economically and efficiently into syngas and Plasmarok®.

Syngas is a clean hydrogen-rich synthesis gas normally used to generate electricity directly in turbines, fuel cells and gas engines. Syngas can also be converted into hydrogen, liquid fuels or natural gas.

Plasmarok® is an inert product that is used as a very high value construction material. These two technologies are actually international.