Stamtec Metal Stamping and Forming Equipment Company prides itself of being the most popular and reliable press manufacturer in the world. It is actually a division of Chin-Fong Company, a Chinese company. With at least 65 years of experience in this industry, Stamtec has succeeded in selling 50,000 presses, hiring 1500 employees and has built itself a 6,500,000 sq. foot manufacturing space, quite a feat. This company is a universal recognized metal stamping authority and has facilities in the U.S., China and Taiwan, with their presses operational in at least 40 countries. In addition to presses, Stamtec deals with auxiliary equipment and related support services.

Additionally to the company's physical addresses, anyone can access Stamtec's products and services via its website. Its website features a professional theme with a bold blue header that has different categories for the presses, auxiliary equipment, support services and visual resources offered by the company. The presses category is further divided into the mechanical, forging and servo subcategories. The mechanical presses offered by this website include 1-point and 2-point gap frame, 1-point and 2-point straight side, as well as 2-point and 4-point eccentric straight side geared presses. The forging presses include the warm-hot and cold forging presses while the servo presses include the direct-drive and link-assisted press series. On the other hand, the auxiliary equipment include feeding and coil handling, quick-die change, press control, monitoring, transfer and press mount systems. Stamtec Company also provides support services for the press parts, repairs, rebuilds and press warranty.

In terms of user interaction and user experience, the Stamtec website offers an absolute user-friendly adventure. It features a minimalist design with easy to access navigation menus at its header and footer sections. Its sidebar section consists of links to the most significant webpages including the photo gallery, contact page, approved suppliers list, catalog download, production lines and the different press feeding systems and equipment. Apart from the navigation bar, the header section also consists of the company's logo, contact number and links to switch the website to Espanol or Italian.

At Stamtec, customer support takes the first and highest priority, followed by selling high quality presses. Customer feedback is regarded highly, and that is why their website makes it easier for customers to contact them. In addition to their phone number, website visitors can also sign up to receive the latest email updates and connect with the company via their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn buttons at the bottom of the page. The physical location of the company is also listed on the website, which is sufficient information for its online credibility.

Most potential buyers don't usually know what they are getting into when investing in technical equipment. Stamtec does solve this problem on their website by explaining every product's specifications and features in detail. All the buyer needs to do is visit their desired product's category, follow through the subcategories, and then click on the name of the product. This then opens up a webpage with all the information about the product and the different models available, along with the specific needs they are designed to cater for. Some of the products described actually have links to their manufacturer's websites as well as the approved suppliers of the products and services. For more enthusiastic buyers, they can easily download the corporate catalogue and the whitepaper guides to the operation of the equipment, right from the sidebar section. There are also a couple of videos that will teach visitors and buyers how to operate, troubleshoot and assemble the equipment.

Technically, the Stamtec website acts as United States' largest inventory website for presses. It is the dominant most accessible place for customers to find out about the availability of the products and services they desire. This company actually features a highly qualified team of professional electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, as well as sales, application, service, logistics and support personnel. Stamtec offers competitive pricing for its products and services, and this comes with some superb customer support. Stamtec presses are built with meticulous attention to quality and detail. Even better is the fact that they come with a 3-year warranty that is unique for every purchase. Judging from its professional website, expert personnel, great pricing and impeccable customer support, Stamtec is definitely the number one choice for any metal stamping and forming equipment needs.

Business address

Stamtec, Inc.
4160 Hillsboro Hwy.,
United States

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Phone: +1-931-393-5050